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Our Mission

Genesis Advisory believes that M&A should be approached from a strategic viewpoint, and that the current offerings in the market do not do this effectively. Our mission is to improve outcomes for our clients' M&A aspirations by providing differentiated advice formed by bringing together our top tier strategy consulting expertise, an 'owner mentality' from a private equity investment background and our corporate executive experience.

Our Approach

By combining the strategic mindset of top tier consultants with seasoned direct investment experience developed over more than 30 acquisitions, Genesis is well positioned to assist businesses with all of their M&A strategy and advisory needs.


At the heart of all successful corporate growth stories is a clearly articulated growth strategy. Companies that skip this important step often find themselves losing share to more focused competitors, struggling to integrate opportunistic though non-core acquisitions, and getting tangled up in long lists of projects rather than executing well on the few that count. At Genesis, we firmly believe that a well thought through growth strategy is the foundation upon which all future success is built and that the ability to create one is only developed through deep experience.

Genesis can work with you to determine the right growth strategy approach for your business.

  • Defining your corporate ambition
  • Developing growth strategy
  • Identifying attractive growth adjacencies
  • Creating new market entry strategies
  • Developing a road map to growth


Acquisition Strategy

Being able to correctly identify, value, and integrate acquisitions is a key attribute of successful companies. Unfortunately it’s not always easy to tell which investments will work out, and issues with post-merger integration and major disruptions to the acquiring business are all too frequent.

Genesis directors are seasoned investment professionals who have seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t in the 30+ acquisitions they have been involved in, and can help select assets with the greatest chance of success.

  • Development of acquisition strategy approach
  • Target scanning and profiling
  • Prioritisation of targets
  • Buy-side commercial due diligence
  • Post-merger integration


M&A advisory

Strategy consultants typically can deliver a perspective on growth and acquisition strategy – but have no live deal experience. M&A advisors can source potential acquisition opportunities – but find opportunistic leads rather than targets that fit the growth strategy of their clients. Genesis Advisory has deep experience across the entire M&A value chain and can deliver M&A advisory services that are truly linked to your strategy. Each Genesis principal brings experience sourcing and evaluating deals and has the ability to lead a transaction from inception through to completion. Whether it’s high-level advisory or complete outsourcing of an M&A function, Genesis has the capability to deliver acquisitions with the greatest chance of success.

  • Deal sourcing
  • Term sheet and valuation negotiation
  • Buy-side valuation
  • Due diligence process management including legal and accounting due diligence
  • Financing and capital structuring
  • Sale & Purchase Agreement negotiation
  • Deal completion
  • Vendor due diligence, exit option evaluation and structuring
  • IPO/listing

Our Capability

With Genesis Advisory's unique blend of top-tier strategic thought leadership, owner mentality and operational experience, we are uniquely positioned to be able to assist corporates and private equity firms across the M&A value chain:


Having Genesis assist from growth strategy to completion ensures that each activity within the M&A value chain is done from a strategic perspective and drastically increases the likelihood of a successful M&A outcome for stakeholders.